ChatGPT for Instructional Design – Live Action

AI-based tools such as ChatGPT are becoming popular across all spheres of life. There’s a lot of debate and speculation around them taking over many jobs. However, this isn’t true as tools can’t replace the qualitative, emotional reactions of humans.

This course will demo how instructional designers can leverage ChatGPT for the essential elements of storyboarding. So, gift it to your instructional designers and help them meet your deadlines with quality. Equip them with the new rapid eLearning accelerator!


This course will demo how to design an eLearning course, using relevant prompts to:

  1. Generate a video script
  2. Frame learning objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy
  3. Create formative assessments – drag and drop questions
  4. Ensure parallelism
  5. Generate scenarios
  6. Summarize course content
  7. Create summative assessments – single select questions

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