Classroom to eLearning Conversion

Everything You Always Wanted to Know

Unlock the Secrets to Successful Classroom to eLearning Conversion

If you are looking to convert classroom training to eLearning and think converting PPT decks using authoring tools is all that’s needed, think again! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “I have a successful classroom training program. I just need to transfer this online, and I’m all set.”

eLearning is so much more than that! And it can be difficult to make the move from the classroom to eLearning, especially when it comes to transferring content and collaborative experiences. So how do you get it right? This eBook is just what you need to answer this and ace the classroom to eLearning conversion!

A Bird’s Eye View of the Questions Answered in the eBook

  • Can you automatically convert classroom material to eLearning?
  • How easy is it to use authoring tools to for conversion?
  • Standalone courses vs. a curriculum – which is better?
  • How do we estimate the duration of eLearning?
  • Should you develop eLearning in-house or outsource to a vendor?
  • What are the different avatars of eLearning?