Converting PowerPoint Presentations to eLearning

Enabling Active Learning Using Existing Resources

Give Your ILT PowerPoints an eLearning Makeover

Organizations have a treasure trove of PowerPoint presentations that have been developed for various occasions. These presentations, in the absence of an instructor, are not considered useful as independent training resources. However, if the content of these presentations is converted to eLearning courses using learning design principles and instructional strategies, the learning needs of more people in the organization can be met.

So, how can one convert PowerPoint presentations to eLearning? There are certain steps to be followed. Adult learning principles, learning design strategies and instructional design models need to be applied before converting existing PowerPoint presentations into engaging online learning modules.

The eBook ‘Converting PowerPoint Presentations to eLearning‘ covers:

  • How PPTs are different from eLearning courses
  • Step by step guide to convert PPTs to eLearning modules
  • Tips to create independent online learning resources from PPTs
  • Tools used to convert PPTs to eLearning courses