Making a Business Case for eLearning

The Octet of Must-Haves

Ensure a Smooth Journey to eLearning Adoption Your Key to Persuading Decision-Makers

eLearning is transforming corporate training on a large scale. Adopting learning facilitated through technology is a huge project and requires a lot of discussion and analysis. When considering eLearning adoption, management and stakeholders demand strong and solid evidence. Convincing them and getting them onboard is a tough job as they might not understand the training problems and the utility of eLearning.

You as a training manager need to develop a business case with valuable and valid information, and facts and figures, to accurately showcase the advantages of eLearning and how it will help reap benefits and generate ROI in the future, justifying the investment.

We are here to make your work a lot, lot easier. This eBook will help you discover all that eLearning can help your organization with. It covers all the aspects your management might be skeptical about and starts right from the basics. It deciphers all the uncertainties and provides evidence that act as strong points to convince your decision-makers and make them consider the adoption of eLearning favorably.

This eBook ‘Making a Business Case for eLearning’ explores:

  • Growing adoption of eLearning
  • Applications of eLearning for different training topics
  • Organizational readiness you need to have
  • Cost parameters you need to consider
  • Implementation strategies to get started