Become an eLearning Champion

by R K Prasad

Become an eLearning Champion is full of practical insights, implementation ideas, tips, and more on eLearning – distilled from decades of experience – in one place!


A Bird’s Eye View of the Book

The book is divided into different sections that cover everything from ideation to evaluation in eLearning.


Business Goals and Learning Interventions

  • How to align training with business goals
  • Principles and formats for effective learning
  • Introduction to Blended Learning

Basics of eLearning

  • The what, why, how of eLearning
  • Recent trends in eLearning

eLearning Design and Development

  • The 3 phases of design and development process
  • eLearning translations and localization

Authoring Tools

  • Popular authoring tools
  • How to choose the right one

Learning Management Systems

  • LMS features and types
  • How to use an LMS
  • Criteria for selection

There’s more!

  • How to evaluate training effectiveness
  • How to introduce and promote eLearning in your organization

Become an eLearning Champion by R K Prasad, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO of CommLab India, is especially crafted to help you successfully launch eLearning in your organization.

All the insights in the book are drawn from Dr Prasad’s 34 years of experience in designing and developing technology-enabled learning solutions for more than one hundred Fortune 500 clients (from different industry verticals) – making it worth every penny!

While achieving mastery in any field can take years (not to mention the time and cost involved), this book helps you master the art of implementing and delivering eLearning in a matter of days!

It offers everything you’ll need to become a trailblazer of eLearning in your organization.

  • The basics of eLearning and recent trends
  • Aligning training with business goals
  • Process of eLearning design and development
  • Authoring tools and Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Introducing and promoting eLearning in your organization

And not to forget – evaluating training effectiveness, including the challenges in training evaluation.

Dr Michael Reakes

eLearning Champion and Consultant

“This book is a great asset to help businesses solve productivity issues using eLearning. It is a compact but comprehensive summary of effective instructional design techniques, how to apply them, the tools needed, the development methods, and how to implement and evaluate the results…… Lots of practical rules of thumb are included which allow the reader to gain from the experience of the author.”

Sainath S

Senior Manager Field – Training & IT Support

“Mr. Prasad digs into his vast experience and clubs it with his in-depth knowledge on training to deliver a knowledge bank. This is an encyclopedia for anyone in current day training. It provides an overall evaluation of all the available tools and suggests ways and means to harvest the best. This book will be on my bookshelf as a ready reckoner whenever I devise training.”

Dr. Brett Bligh

Co-Director Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University, UK

“Training professionals in organizations will value Become an eLearning Champion as a clearly written and practical handbook for a fast growing and rapidly developing field. Collaboratively produced by members of a training organization that has provided eLearning solutions to global corporations across the world for 20 years – and the experience shows – the book is written in a no-nonsense style….. If you want a wealth of experience distilled into readable, practical yet strategic guidance, this is the book for you.”

Karen Fiege

PhD, Teaching and Learning Consultant

“Become an eLearning Champion: A Practical Guide for eLearning Implementation is a well-structured and succinct resource for corporate trainers and organizational learning consultants on the design, development, delivery, administration and evaluation of eLearning training initiatives. R.K. Prasad’s extensive eLearning expertise in a global market is evident in the application of adult learning principles to practical, yet accessible eLearning solutions for any organization.”

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