Onboarding the Millennial Workforce: eLearning to the Rescue

Technology-Enhanced Learning to Accelerate Millennial Workforce’s Contribution to the Organization

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Ready to Onboard the Millennials? Are You?

Millennials are known for their love of technology and ability to multi-task. They look for this flexibility in all aspects of their life – including training. And, the first impression is the best! So, capture their attention right from day-one by offering an interactive, immersive online onboarding program.

In this eBook, learn how to infuse your online onboarding program with gamification, provide employee-centric training, offer mobile support, prepare alternate learning paths, assess and evaluate learning in stress-free ways, and more.

The eBook Onboarding the Millennial Workforce: eLearning to the Rescue includes:

  • Mistakes to avoid in millennial onboarding
  • Need for a personalized millennial onboarding program
  • Taking millennial onboarding beyond the classroom with mobile learning
  • Combining fun and learning in millennial onboarding
  • Proven tips for an effective online millennial onboarding program

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