eLearning Trends 2023

The View from the Trenches

eLearning Trends for the New Reality

The new normal has become the reality. And as training continues to help organizations nurture, develop, and retain their people, the spotlight is on the L&D unit – now an integral part of organizations.

L&D units need to unlearn, learn, relearn, and become holistic partners.

They need to partner with business leaders on strategic issues such as sustainability, DEI, leadership, and help them choose the right tools and software. Saving cost and supporting internal teams are also the need of the hour.

As a Training Manager in today’s workplace, explore what 2023 has in store for you to improve your training and make an impact.

This eBook discusses

  • The areas of work affected by learning
  • Growing importance and expanding role of L&D
  • Skills L&D pros need to master
  • AI-powered tools in training
  • Roadmap for L&D pros to build their brand
  • Top investment areas of organizations
  • Rapid eLearning accelerators to support internal teams