eLearning Trends 2022

The View from the Trenches

eLearning Trends – For the Hybrid, Virtual Corporate World

The whole world is embracing hybrid working, virtual teams, and virtual training. This has led to a lot of classroom-intensive training programs being converted online; and upskilling and reskilling are the need of the hour.

This has made the role of L&D crucial in designing, developing, and implementing online training programs at scale and speed.

To ensure effective results and transition to true impact makers, the L&D team needs to be hands-on with blended models that work and tools that make learning, communication seamless.

If you are a training manager or a member of the L&D world, this eBook gives you the highlights of all that should be trending in your corporate training in 2022!

This eBook covers the following trends

  • The Changing Role of L&D
  • Shift from the Physical to the Virtual Space
  • The Evolving 70:20:10 Model
  • Upskilling and Reskilling
  • Top Training Programs being Digitized
  • The Modern Training Manager’s Toolkit
  • Rapid Outsourcing to Support the Design Team