eLearning Trends for 2020

21 Cool Ideas You Can Try!

eLearning Trends – A Treasure Trove for Training Managers

With only a few training methods working out of the tried and tested lot, wondering what else is left for you to try and grab your learners’ attention?

Well, forget the trials and errors you go through to crack the code for a successful corporate training program. For we have got for you, a secret treasure of the latest eLearning trends that have not just been tried and tested but have evolved into successful training programs adopted by Fortune 1000 companies!

Being creative and innovative like never before is the mantra for 2020 to keep modern learners engaged in your training programs. This eBook not just compiles 21 failsafe training methodologies in vogue, but also gives you an insight of the upcoming eLearning trends to look for.

This eBook covers the following eLearning trends

  • Rapid eLearning to save SME’s time
  • Mobile-first courses for a remote workforce
  • MOOCs for corporate training
  • Apps to integrate multi-level workflows
  • Repurposing webinars to online learning resources
  • Switchable interface for a single course in multiple languages