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How to Select the Right Rapid Authoring Tool

Handy Guide to Help You Decide the Best Tool for Your Course Development
Discover a curated selection of powerful tools, learn their features, and explore how they can elevate your eLearning courses.


Choose wisely and craft brilliant eLearning courses.

Delve deep into our eBook to understand about the following eLearning authoring tools:

  • Articulate Storyline 2
  • Articulate Studio 13
  • Adobe Captivate 9
  • Lectora Inspire 12
  • Adobe Presenter 9
  • Adobe Premiere
  • FlipBook Maker

Unleash your creativity and efficiency with the right authoring tools and start creating engaging learning experiences today!

The choice of an authoring tool depends on what you want in a course and how you expect your learners to use the course. You don't want to invest in an authoring tool only to realize it does not have the features that are critical for your courses.

At the same time, you don't want to unnecessarily invest in an authoring tool with features you don’t need or are never going to use.

With hundreds of tools flooding the marketplace, making the right choice starts by understanding the features of the various rapid authoring tools and what they are capable of doing. To help you with that our eBook is here!

Accelerate eLearning Development with Rapid Authoring Tools.