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Instructional Design 101

A Handy Reference Guide for eLearning Designers
Master the Art of Instructional Design and Create a Path to Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

Discover tried-and-true tips and tricks that go a long way in designing top-notch eLearning courses

With our eBook:

  • Learn to hit the right chord with basics of learning.
  • Discover various eLearning standards that are most relevant to instructional designers.
  • Learn to follow a streamlined instructional design process.
  • Extract and construct meaning for effective content presentation.
  • Set effective performance-based learning objectives.
  • Encompass the methods, techniques, and devices used to instruct learners with efficient ID strategies.
  • Explore ways to add outstanding value to eLearning courses with interactivities.
  • Gauge learning outcomes and evaluate the learner with effective assessments.

Dive into the realm of instructional design and become a pro at crafting captivating learning journeys

Good instructional design makes an eLearning course highly effective but to get that right, you need to be well-versed with the fundamental concepts to create purposeful courses.

With perfect Instructional Design, you can better conceive how learners learn, improve the learning culture of your organization, and create better experiences with your content and our eBook is all about it.

Ultimately, with the right instructional design, you can find the most effective way of meeting learning objectives.

Unlock the Secrets of Winning Instructional Design!