Instructional Design 101

A Handy Reference Guide to eLearning Designers

Explore the Basics of Instructional Design

Good instructional design makes a digital course highly effective. This eBook is specifically designed to provide fundamental concepts instructional designers need to know to design digital courses that are purposeful and meet instructional objectives efficiently.

This eBook is for everyone associated with eLearning. It contains proven tips and shares the tricks of the trade which go a long way in developing first-rate online courses.

‘Instructional Design 101: A Handy Reference Guide to eLearning Designers‘ answers:

  • How can you apply learning principles effectively to churn out a wonderful digital course?
  • What are the essential elements of an instructional design process?
  • What are the various eLearning standards?
  • What does it take to set winning learning objectives for your digital course?
  • How can you chunk the content provided by subject-matter experts, effectively and efficiently?
  • What are the different elements of audio in eLearning courses?
  • How can you create top-notch assessments for your eLearning course?

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