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Learning Analytics 101
The What and the Why

Empower your organization to make the most appropriate and relevant L&D decisions with learning analytics.


Access broader and deeper insights into training effectiveness, which serve as potent guidelines.

Our eBook Covers:

  • 3 integral elements of learning analytics
  • 4 types of analytics
  • Learning analytics and the Kirkpatrick’s model
  • 4 tips to implement a data-driven culture
  • How to implement learning analytics to enhance ROI

Add value to your training with learning analytics by viewing and planning better changes in training.

With the right use of learning analytics, the sky's the limit for organizational growth! Unlock your potential with our ultimate guide to introduction to learning analytics and propelling your growth.

It doesn’t stop at the meaning of learning analytics and its types. The icing on the cake is it also provides insights on implementing learning analytics to enhance ROI.

At a time when a lot of information on learning analytics is floating on the web, this eBook provides you everything on a platter – ready to be consumed.

Enable Data-driven Learning with Learning Analytics!