Learning Analytics 101

The What and the Why

Learning Analytics: Open the One-Stop Guide to Crack the Code

If you are one of those who love keeping up with trends, learning analytics shouldn’t be news to you. But, are you realizing the struggle to get learning analytics right is real?

Well, no worries! Here’s a one-stop guide to know everything to get started with learning analytics.

It doesn’t stop at the meaning of learning analytics and its types. It takes you till the finish line to understand how to implement it in your organization. However, the icing on the cake is how implementing learning analytics can enhance ROI.

At a time when a lot of information on learning analytics is floating on the web, this eBook provides you everything on a platter – ready to be consumed. Unlike others, it won’t bog you down with technical jargon, rather it’s simple enough to read on the fly.

This eBook ‘Learning Analytics 101: The What and the Why’ covers

  • 3 integral elements of learning analytics
  • 4 types of analytics
  • Learning analytics and the Kirkpatrick’s model
  • 4 tips to implement a data-driven culture
  • How to implement learning analytics to enhance ROI