Practical Guide on Custom eLearning: A Handbook for Managers

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Practical Guide on Custom E-learning: A Handbook for Managers

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We recently held a learning event, on the occasion of completing 15 years in the elearning space, to tap into the expertise of our people. The learning event produced 252 pieces of unique learning content.

We are presenting the eBook Practical Guide on Custom elearning: A Handbook for Managers, which provides the condensed version of this very useful information, as a Thanksgiving gift.

The eBook comes with 10 eLearning templates and:

  • Explains how 7 latest elearning trends are transforming the L&D landscape
  • Enables you to develop good e-learning courses using the Successive Approximation Model (SAM) without time and cost overruns
  • Shares how videos, scenarios, job-aids, and simulations help train personnel better
  • Empowers you to leverage the power of rapid authoring tools to create highly engaging courses
  • Helps you get the best translations of your elearning courses
  • Provides valuable information on the cost implications of outsourcing your elearning projects

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