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Prompt Engineering with AI

A Playbook for L&D Professionals

Get access to 100 prompts across a range of learning design and development tasks.

Here’s What the Playbook Covers

  • What artificial intelligence (AI) is
  • What prompt engineering (PE) is
  • Levels of PE and core techniques
  • Ethical considerations of AI
  • 100+ prompts for:
    • Content creation
    • Content curation
    • Designing scenarios, strategies
    • Framing assessments
    • Microlearning
    • Informal learning
    • Learning analytics and measurement
    • Technology integration
    • Much more

Give Your Best to Get the Best 

The rise of AI has given rise to a new skillset – one that all Learning Design Professionals – need to master – Prompt Engineering.

The output GenAI tools generate depends on the inputs (prompts) they receive, and this requires human intervention.

Prompt engineering is both a science and an art, and one that requires practice. It is not hard, however, to master it. And this playbook is the prefect place for you to start.

From decoding the levels of prompts and sharing a technique, to providing 100+ prompts across various tasks, this eBook covers it all.

Have it handy and it will help you save precious time learning the right prompts through trial and error. You can use these prompts as is or build on them to meet your specific needs.

Get Your Playbook and Master the Prompt Engineering Game