Rapid eLearning Design for Quick Rollout

5 Best Practices for Instructional Designers

Unraveling Rapid eLearning for Instructional Designers

Instructional designers have jobs that require them to churn out world-class, highly effective eLearning courses for a wide variety of audiences, on a broad range of topics. There’s also a common challenge they face – developing eLearning at the speed of business, without sacrificing quality and creativity.

Rapid eLearning is the answer to this, and this eBook distils five best practices IDs can apply to get it right. It covers the entire gamut from aligning training goals with business needs to having a symbiotic relationship with subject matter experts, using engaging online strategies, to standardizing using authoring tools, and more.

The eBook highlights 5 best practices for instructional designers

  • Best Practice 1: Seeing the Big Picture – The Business Context
  • Best Practice 2: Working Efficiently with SMEs
  • Best Practice 3: Engaging Learners through Design Strategies
  • Best Practice 4: Working with the Right Authoring Tools
  • Best Practice 5: Standardizing and Scaling Up