10 Tips to Save the SME’s Time (and Your Sanity!)

Best Practices for Instructional Designers and Training Managers

A Successful Partnership with Your SMEs Means Saving Their Time

SMEs – subject matter experts – like L&D professionals are a misunderstood lot. Very few of them hail from a training and development background and their primary job is not training. Yet we need them to contribute to our online training projects by providing inputs and reviewing eLearning courses for the accuracy of content.

Since they are high-value professionals frequently traveling to solve client’s million-dollar issues, having them available for eLearning review is a drain on their limited time. However, you also can’t miss out on them, given that the success of training depends on how well you manage to work with your SMEs. This eBook compiles 10 tips on making their life easier by saving time while they team up in your project.

This eBook covers the following time saving tips

  • Understanding the SME’s world
  • Planning and preparation
  • Content gathering
  • eLearning design