A Practical Guide to Outsourcing E-Learning Design & Development

Tips and Best Practices for an Effective Outsourcing Journey

Outsource E-learning Design and Development – What, Why, and How?

Outsourcing eLearning design and development is a delicate, complex process you can shine at when you have the perfect guide with you. This eBook is just what you need to recognize when eLearning outsourcing is the solution for your training needs and how.

This eBook doesn’t just explain to you what outsourcing eLearning entails; it also presents you with the best practices on saving time with outsourcing and offers suggestions on the tasks you should perform before you outsource your training requirements. This eBook provides the pros and cons of outsourcing each element of eLearning design and development. From tips to selecting the right eLearning vendor to costing that convinces your top management on outsourcing your L&D needs, this eBook has it all!

The eBook ‘A Practical Guide to Outsourcing E-Learning Design & Development’ talks about:

  • Four elements of eLearning design and development that can be outsourced
  • Three tasks to do before you outsource
  • Tips to select the right vendor
  • Four ways to support your vendor
  • Checklist to identify what needs to be outsourced