eLearning Development Outsourcing

A Comprehensive eGuide to Select the Right Vendor

Outsource eLearning Development – Why & To Whom?

Outsourcing eLearning development is a delicate, complex process and needs a good relationship between you and your partner, based on mutual trust and thorough understanding.

This eBook will help you realize when outsourcing is really the solution for your training needs and apprise you of the best ways to leverage the capabilities of elearning vendors.

The eBook ‘eLearning Development Outsourcing: A Comprehensive eGuide to Select the Right Vendor‘ answers:

  • Why consider outsourcing eLearning development?
  • What to look for in eLearning outsourcing?
  • What are the common mistakes to be avoided?
  • How to build a business case for outsourcing eLearning development?

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