Generating Motivation and Excitement in the Virtual Classroom

Tips, Tools, and Suggestions

Generating Motivation and Excitement: Ideas to Kill Disengagement Woes in Virtual Training

So your organization has made the smart decision to shift from classroom to virtual training! But you surely must be having a lot of doubts.

How do you get the essence of face-to-face interactions in a virtual session? How do you make your learners receptive to virtual learning? How do you ensure learner engagement throughout the training? And how do you ensure the success of your virtual training?

Here’s the solution!

This eBook offers tips, tools, and solutions to combat the challenge of keeping your learners motivated and excited in the virtual classroom.

And there’s more!

Combine this and 3 other resources with a power-packed eLearning course to master the art of delivering high impact virtual training.

This eBook contains:

  • 23 tips to enhance motivation and excitement
  • Tools to put each tip into action
  • Suggestions to make the most of each tool