Virtual Instructor-led Training: A Beginner’s Guide

Explore the Art and Science of Replicating the Real Classroom Virtually

Replicating the Real Classroom ‘Virtually’

Virtual classrooms are here to stay – an offshoot of the new normal. They are a great way to offer learners the advantage of human interaction available in a physical classroom, minus the logistical problems.

However, designing effective, engaging virtual instructor-led training (VILT) can be a challenge as it involves converting classroom content and activities to suit the virtual space. Collaboration is facilitated by technology, but it needs an understanding of how and where to best use each activity.

This eBook should be your must-read if you are looking to migrate from classroom training to the virtual space. It takes a detailed look at designing instructional events for the virtual space – with the help of technology.

It also offers practical tips to ensure content is well-designed, aligned with performance-based learning objectives, help trainers become confident of handling the transition, and more.

The eBook offers insights into designing and delivering effective, engaging virtual classroom sessions:

  • Why a virtual classroom is much more than a webinar, or a presentation interspersed with a few polls
  • How a virtual classroom differs from the physical classroom
  • How technology helps plug those gaps
  • 2 crucial elements that go into a successful virtual session
  • Types of instructional material needed
  • Popular technology platforms and their common features
  • Tips to train trainers
  • Best practices to engage learners in the virtual class