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Are You Ready to Unleash the Potential of Avatar-Based Learning?

A detailed infographic to guide you through the nitty-gritty of avatar-based learning


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Get to know:

  • What is avatar-based learning?
  • The why and how of avatar-based learning
  • Various types of avatars
  • Ways to use avatar-based learning
  • Key benefits of avatar-based learning approach

Make Learning Interactive Through Avatar-Based Learning

Avatar-based learning is an approach that offers the benefits of both, online as well as classroom training. The avatars or characters used in this approach breathe life into dry subjects and facilitate learner interaction.

Here’s how avatar-based learning makes corporate training highly effective:

  • Connects learners to the content, builds emotional bonds, and enhances motivation through stories and games
  • Guides learners as authorities, peer coaches, or co-learners
  • Provides companionship and engagement to learners throughout the eLearning course
  • Aids in easy recall of course content and supports knowledge retention