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Custom eLearning Offers Personalized Learning to Your Learners

A detailed infographic to provide you an overview of Custom eLearning


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Get to know:

  • What is eLearning and what it isn’t?
  • Advantages of custom eLearning for corporate training
  • Various types of training where custom eLearning can be used
  • How to convert classroom training material to eLearning
  • Popular instructional design strategies to design engaging eLearning courses
  • Popular rapid eLearning authoring tools for seamless design and development of eLearning courses

Custom eLearning — Weave a Memorable Learning Experience

Custom eLearning aligns business and learner needs to design a learning solution that’s the best for your learners as well as organization.

If you are new to eLearning, you can use the existing classroom training material to design and develop custom eLearning courses.

Here are popular instructional design strategies that breathe life into your eLearning courses:

  • Scenario-based learning
  • Storytelling
  • Case studies
  • Gamification
  • Simulation