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Microlearning to Skyrocket Your Corporate Training Initiatives

A detailed infographic to provide you with an overview of Microlearning and why you should say yes to it


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Get to know:

  • What is microlearning and what it isn’t
  • Amazing benefits of microlearning
  • Popular microlearning formats
  • Tools for microlearning design and development
  • Tips and best practices for microlearning implementation
  • Top 5 applications of microlearning in corporate training

Microlearning — Unleash the Power of Micro for Macro Results

Microlearning is a flexible training approach to deliver learning in pocket-sized learning modules. Preferred by modern learners and L&D teams, it’s widely accepted in the corporate L&D space.

Here’s why:

  • Makes information easy to consume
  • Drives learner engagement
  • Promotes better retention and recall
  • Facilitates self-paced learning
  • Offers personalized learning