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10 Free iSpring Templates to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Engaging eLearning Courses

Want to Convert Your PowerPoint Decks to HTML5 Output?

If you are looking to convert your ILT material in the form of PowerPoint presentations to engaging, interactive courses, you can’t go wrong with iSpring. This eLearning development toolkit comes with several features that not just convert PowerPoint decks but also add a lot of value.

But what if you need to make the conversion process even faster, or have huge curriculums to be converted? These templates that come with the source files are the answer. Rebrand them and populate with your content – visually-appealing, consistent courses will become a matter of minutes.

The templates includes:

  • Click on Tabs
  • Click on Images
  • Click on Numbers
  • Agenda Slide
  • Static Screens (Image + Text)


Access the Templates Now