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From Linear Logic to Emotional Connect in a Jiffy with New Age eLearning Templates Developed in iSpring

Stuck with Staid eLearning Courses Devoid of Fun and Personalization?

Baffled by the high dropout rates of eLearning courses despite incorporating instructional design principles? Well, maybe you are following a linear presentation that makes learning passive.

The emphasis in today’s creative world is on offering learners choice, weaving stories to build an emotional connect, and helping them make meaning by synthesizing disparate pieces – right brain aptitudes.

Well, will developing courses that cater to these elements take a lot of time? Not with our kit of interactive new age templates developed in iSpring. With these customizable templates, all you have to do is populate your content, add visuals, and you are good to go.

The kit includes templates for these screens:

  • Scenarios
  • Gamified assessments
  • Learning objectives
  • What’s In it for Me?
  • Click-to-Reveal interactivities


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