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Become an eLearning Champion

A Pinch of Theory and a Pound of Practical Insights

October 15, 2020
1 Hour (45 mins + 15 mins of Q&A)

Implement eLearning Successfully and Become the Go-To Person for Technology-Enhanced Training

Many organizations starting with eLearning see it as a brand-new venture, and slot in a separate silo right from the start.

However, eLearning has to be introduced in tandem with your existing classroom training and be aligned with your business goals.

In fact, the learning objectives that are the foundation of a good learner-centric eLearning should cascade from your business goals.

eLearning is seen as the panacea to all the logistical ills of the classroom. But its lack of human interaction coupled with the costs involved raise questions on its efficacy, utility, acceptance, and ROI.

And your stakeholders are bound to have a lot of questions and expectations when eLearning is implemented for the first time in the organization.

Unlike the art of classroom training, eLearning design and development is as much a science as it is an art. The art involves designing courses based on instructional design and adult learning principles; the science involves using authoring tools to develop courses and ensuring optimal access and usage through an LMS (learning management system).

It is easy to develop learner-centric courses with higher levels of engagement with new-age strategies. But selecting the authoring tool and LMS requires a thorough understanding of the nuances of your organizational training requirements.

If you’re overwhelmed by all this and wish to get practical insights and trustworthy information, help is at hand. CommLab India, with over two decades of experience in providing rapid eLearning solutions for corporates, is hosting a webinar “Become an eLearning Champion”.

This webinar will give you insights on:

  • The learning process
  • The business goals training can help achieve
  • Ways to include eLearning in your overall training strategy
  • Why you need to link training & eLearning to business results
  • The importance of performance-based learning objectives
  • New-age strategies for learner-centric courses
  • Popular eLearning authoring tools
  • Considerations to design translation-friendly courses
  • Criteria to select an LMS that helps maximize training ROI


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Dr. RK Prasad

CEO and Co-Founder

RK founded CommLab India in 2000 and nurtured it from concept to commercial success. He has 34 years’ experience in corporate training, university teaching, and eLearning.

An engaging speaker and an effective trainer, RK has an MBA (Marketing & Finance) from Birla Institute of Technology, India, and a PhD in Mobile Learning from Lancaster University, UK.

He is also the author of ‘Become an E-Learning Champion’.


Payal Dixit

Content Writer (Customer Education Group)

A voracious reader by nature and a writer by profession, Payal's responsibilities include educating global enterprises about online training solutions and buzzing trends in L&D. She works with customers at every step of their buying journey to understand their training needs and the challenges they face.

She creates content in the form of blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, and infographics to address customer queries and doubts, and pitch the best eLearning solution.