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Free Webinar – Blended Learning to Accelerate Time to Proficiency

A Quick-Fix for Design Apprehensions

Everyone talks of blended learning – the utopian mix of classroom training and online training. However, do you know which part of a training program should go into the classroom and what should go online? Is there any secret formula to arrive at the perfect blend? Learning managers are often left grappling this question.

If you are looking for answers to this question, hang on! There a couple of aspects you need clarity on. For instance, do you know there are certain situations where blended learning works best? Or that a wide variety of digital assets can be included in your blend – provided form follows function?

Well, our webinar covered all these elements and more. In case you’ve missed it, don’t worry. We’ve got the recording for you. Just download it and get answers on:

  • Learning – a process or an event?
  • What exactly is blended learning?
  • Why blend and what are the formats of digital assets?
  • When to blend?
  • What are the high-level considerations to design a blended solution?

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