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Deploy Blended Learning to Flatten the Forgetting Curve

Have Post-Its for the Learning We Tend to Forget Over Time

October 27, 2020
1 Hour (45 mins + 15 mins of Q&A)

Blended Learning Offers an Array of In-Person and Digital ‘Post-Its’ to Reinforce Learning

What if we could add post-its in our brain to remind us of the learning we tend to forget over time? Sounds too good to be true?

Well, what’s true is that we have a solution that comes very close… 

The forgetting curve is an unpleasant reality training managers have to contend with. With learning bound to dwindle over time and managers reluctant to release employees for frequent training, it’s a Catch-22 situation.

What can be done to reinforce knowledge without intruding on employees’ working time? And how to do it effectively without boring them to bits?  

Blended learning is the answer!

Yes, blended or hybrid learning isn’t just about combining different training formats. It can offer learning bytes at spaced intervals to reinforce learning. With blended learning, you can help learners access training in the format of their choice. You can also give a fillip to classroom training, making the instructor more of a guide on the side rather than a sage on the stage.

While microlearning, virtual classrooms, social and mobile learning, and performance support can all figure in the mix, the catch is to design the optimal blended solution for each learning requirement. This is where the job-task inventory matrix can help. It will also help decide the various digital assets that can be used at spaced intervals to reinforce knowledge.

This webinar will introduce the job-task inventory matrix, demonstrate how to beat the forgetting curve, and provide ready-to-implement roadmaps. Register today for insights on:

  • Training formats and digital assets that can be used in a blend
  • When to blend learning
  • Designing blended learning solutions – Job Task Inventory Matrix
  • Delivering blended learning
  • Superimposing learning elements on the forgetting curve
  • 3 example blended learning roadmaps for:
    • Product training
    • ERP training
    • Onboarding

Access the Webinar Recording


Dr. RK Prasad

Dr. RK Prasad

CEO and Co-Founder

RK founded CommLab India in 2000 and nurtured it from concept to commercial success. He has 34 years’ experience in corporate training, university teaching, and eLearning.

An engaging speaker and an effective trainer, RK has an MBA (Marketing & Finance) from Birla Institute of Technology, India, and a PhD in Mobile Learning from Lancaster University, UK.

He is also the author of ‘Become an E-Learning Champion’.


Sushmitha K

Director – Inbound Marketing

Sushmitha is an avid reader, experienced instructional designer, and content editor.

She is responsible for formulating marketing strategies with a focus on customer education, and  creating content in the form of articles, eBooks, and presentations.

She is a graduate in Computer Science and holds a Masters in Computer Applications from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.