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Challenges and Opportunities with VILT

How Do We Capture Classroom Collaboration, Virtually?

May 28, 2024 | 11 AM EDT | 60 Mins

How do we reduce distractions, isolation, and screen fatigue in our virtual classrooms? How do we maximize participation and teamwork?

A virtual classroom can be much more than a webinar, facilitating many-to-many communication. However, designing content and activities for the virtual space is challenging.

This webinar offers practical guidelines on tailoring virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions to enable human interaction. It will guide learning architects and designers on how to:

  • Design instructional material
  • Select the right technology platform
  • Use suitable collaboration activities

VILT can leverage multiple modalities to engage learners and transfer knowledge. However, new users and introverts might find it intimidating. Activities can go haywire for both participants and the facilitator.

Despite challenges, opportunities do abound for learning designers looking to increase the reach of training. Getting learners from different locations and time zones to learn new skills is economical and scalable. Groups can be sustained even after the session so that learners get to interact, and exchange notes, solutions, success stories.

So, the question to be answered is – how do we leverage the challenges and opportunities with VILT, for corporate training?

Join the interactive webinar to revamp your virtual training sessions, with proven insights into:
  • Converting challenges to opportunities in designing VILT
  • Designing different formats of instructional material
  • Maximizing engagement with collaborative activities:
    • Polls
    • Breakouts
    • Annotations
    • Worksheets
  • Getting started with the proven best practices and tips
  • Following a streamlined conversion process
  • Much more

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Shalini Merugu

Director - Learning Solutions

Shalini is a versatile learning design professional with 16+ years of experience in instructional design (ILT, VILT, and eLearning). She is an expert in customer training, designing learning and user assistance solutions, and technical documentation.

She provides creative strategies for designing effective blended solutions. Her experience in designing eLearning solutions along with designing and delivering instructor-led training helps her leverage the strengths of each medium to consistently create impactful training solutions, ensuring that nothing is lost when converting from one format to another.

Shalini works closely with customers to understand their training requirements & learner demographics to suggest the best learning strategy for each requirement. Apart from improving the quality of learning solutions, she also conducts customer education workshops at customer sites globally and presents webinars on learning design. Shalini holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Hyderabad.