Free Webinar – Adobe Flash Phase-Out

Impact on Your Flash-based Online Learning Offerings

You must be aware that Flash will stop working by the end of 2020. What does this mean to your organization? It means online training programs developed in Flash will stop working and Flash components will no longer play. What will be the impact on current training offerings? Do we even have anything at our rescue to ensure uninterrupted learning?

Needless to say, you have to convert your Flash courses to HTML5 that are still relevant (if you haven’t done so already). But before jumping into Flash to HTML5 conversion, do you have any idea of the project management, effort, and time involved?

How do you identify if your existing courses use Flash? Can authoring tools overcome the limitations of Flash? Will a one-size-fits-all solution work? How to decide between doing the conversion in-house and outsourcing? This webinar on the phase out of Adobe Flash will answer all these questions and many more.

The webinar offers insights on:

  • Flash, the traitor, and HTML5, the savior
  • The hidden benefits of Flash to HTML5 conversion
  • The 4 Rs of Flash to HTML5 conversion
  • 5-step pre-conversion checklist
  • Reasons to outsource your conversion project

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