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Learning Analytics

The What and the Why

February 20, 2020
1 Hour (45 mins + 15 mins of Q&A)

Lay a solid foundation for measuring the effectiveness of your training programs, based on data-driven insights.

Everyone is talking of learning analytics and how technologies such as AI and big data are powering it. If you find yourself at sea with all these buzzwords, you are not alone.

Most organizations are yet to get started with learning analytics in a big way. Somehow training measurement doesn’t seem to go beyond levels 1 and 2 of the ubiquitous Kirkpatrick’s Model and terms such as AI-enabled learning analytics remain faint shooting stars, we wish we could reach.

This webinar will help you get the basics right and decipher the cogs and wheels of learning analytics. Rather than get intimidated by the ‘tech’ lingo, it’ll help you take a look at how you can go deep with learner data and the LMS – two things you have at your disposal. Gain insights on the levels of learning analytics, budget & technical requirements to get started, and more.

This is what the interactive webinar has in store for you:

  • A close look at what exactly learning analytics is – and its elements
  • Explore the four levels of data that power learning analytics
  • Learning analytics and the Kirkpatrick’s model
  • Getting starting with learning analytics

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The Speaker

Dr. RK Prasad
CEO and Co-Founder

RK founded CommLab India in 2000 and nurtured it from concept to commercial success. He has 34 years’ experience in corporate training, university teaching, and eLearning.

An engaging speaker and an effective trainer, RK has an MBA (Marketing & Finance) from Birla Institute of Technology, India, and a PhD in Mobile Learning from Lancaster University, UK.

He is also the author of ‘Become an E-Learning Champion’.

Barsha Chetia -1
Barsha Chetia
Manager - Marketing Content

A writer, editor, social media expert, and eLearning strategist, Barsha analyzes the latest L&D trends and offers technology-enabled solutions in the form of blogs, eBooks, articles, whitepapers, external articles to Fortune 500 clients.

She specializes in developing content that particularly focuses on how to design, develop, implement, and evaluate training for modern-day corporate training needs. A trained journalist, Barsha works closely with the sales team to understand the working of multinational corporations and has delivered customer-exclusive webinars, apart from authoring whitepapers.