Free Webinar: Blending Form and Function for High-Impact Microlearning Assets

Learn Why Form Follows Function

A perfect power-packed microlearning module that will get learners hooked would be the one in the most appropriate form. Each microlearning asset, be it videos or mini-games, has its own purpose, catering to various learning styles. You would not want to deliver a microlearning course that does not appeal to learners, would you? Definitely not!

This on-demand webinar, which is the second in a series of four on decoding Microlearning, will provide you with all the nitty-gritty details on the various types of microlearning assets, and how to choose the right one to help achieve your organizational results. Learn how to develop assets that will drive performance-based objectives through their form.

In this webinar, you will explore:

  • Types of microlearning assets such as audio, video, animations, quizzes, GIFs, infographics, flashcards, mini-games, and more
  • How to align your microlearning assets with desired results and performance-based learning objectives
  • How to select the appropriate type of microlearning
  • How to configure an array of microlearning assets to drive performance


Dr. Howard Lewis
Chief Learning Architect (USA), CommLab India

Dr. Lewis has been involved in education, instructional design, and performance technology for over 37 years; including corporate positions with Health Net, Xerox Corporation, Apple Computer, and RTC.

Howard specializes in instructional design, eLearning development, mobile learning, and performance improvement solutions that drive business results. Under Howard’s direct leadership, his project teams have designed and developed over 1,500 custom training programs - on time and on budget - for a wide variety of job functions across many industries.

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