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Free Webinar - Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs)

Increase Learning Effectiveness and Optimize Cost

Are you swamped with repetitive online courses in your organization? Have your Training Managers unknowingly created different versions the same courses for different learner groups? While this scenario is quite common in organizations, it is one that can be easily remedied, leading to other benefits too.

The perfect way to avoid this duplication of efforts is to develop reusable learning objects – RLO. An RLO is a standalone unit of text and media assets, that can be stored independently and delivered to learners.

What can be developed as a learning object, in an online course? How do they put an end of the duplication of training courses and what are the other situations they can be used in? What are the 2 main benefits of using RLOs? This webinar on Reusable Learning Objects has the answers to all these questions, and more.

The webinar offers insights on:

  • RLOs and their characteristics
  • The structure of an RLO
  • Benefits of RLOs for various user groups
  • Factors to focus on for successful RLO implementation

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