Free Webinar: 6 Trends in eLearning Design and Development You NEED to Know

Are You In Sync with These Training Trends? Time You Did So!

Technology has revolutionized the way you train your employees. And, continues to bring about new changes.

To help you stay in sync with the latest trends in technology-enabled learning, we’ve complied 6 most popular trends in this webinar. A word of caution – don’t take up something just because everyone else is. Analyze your current training scenario and see what needs to be updated.

The are 6 trends are:

  • eLearning curriculums, not one-off courses
  • Microlearning modules, not eLearning courses
  • Responsive courses, not multiple courses for multiple devices
  • Flash to HMTL5 conversions, reclaiming legacy courses
  • Learning for Global Audiences, eLearning translations
  • eLearning for customers, creating grass root demand

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