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The Realities of Cross Cultural eLearning

Know the Perceptions of Corporate Stakeholders about Cross-cultural eLearning

Global organizations are relying more and more on e-learning, to train their workforce located across different geographical regions. Do they consider linguistic and cultural differences when deploying training solutions to the globally dispersed workforce?

How do they handle cultural differences when training their multi-cultural employees? This whitepaper documents the experiences and perceptions of corporate stakeholders about cross-cultural eLearning. It can be a valuable resource for those looking to roll out eLearning programs across their multi-cultural and multilingual workforce.

This research paper talks about:

  • The importance of multilingual learning
  • Significance of cultural issues in designing eLearning courses
  • Feasibility of having different versions of same eLearning courses, to suit different cultures or countries
  • Aspects of design that can be done differently to accommodate different cultures
  • Logic of making English courses culture-neutral to suit multiple audiences


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