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Online Networked Learning Communities

Unleash the Power of Collaborative Learning

In the last decade, we’ve seen a major transformation in the way learning happens in organizations, from classroom training to eLearning. We are likely to see a similar transformation from eLearning to networked learning, or as Josh Bersin says "we-learning".

A lot has been talked about a collaborative learning environment or online networked learning communities and their impact on the way knowledge and skills are developed at workplaces.

However, as is the case with any new method, it takes time for new ideas to be accepted. Learn what eLearning managers and training professionals in leading organizations have to say about "Online Networked Learning Communities".

This research paper explores:

  • The effectiveness of such a collaborative set up in enhancing learning
  • Key benefits of professional networked communities as perceived by training and eLearning managers
  • Issues and challenges in its introduction
  • Steps to be taken for its successful implementation


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