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Free Worksheet

Microlearning – Communicating the Two-Fold Benefits

Easily review all the benefits of microlearning for both your learners and your organization.

Microlearning Benefits Covered in the Worksheet

  • Reduces time away from work
  • Is engaging and immersive
  • Is easy to update and reuse
  • Decreases development and delivery time and costs
  • Allows for immediate feedback
  • Enables faster retention, retrieval, application
  • And more…

Is microlearning a win-win for both learners and organizations?

Microlearning has taken the corporate training world by storm, catering to the diverse needs of employees from different generations.

It's a fantastic learning approach that benefits both learners and organizations, creating a successful partnership! 

Say no to those lengthy courses and engage your learners with small and engaging lessons in various formats such as videos, PDFs, games, and quizzes. 

However, if you have questions about the benefits of microlearning, here is a checklist. Go through it along with your stakeholders and get going.

What's In the Worksheet?