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Free Worksheet

Microlearning – What it Is and What it is Not

Easily help your team understand the strengths and limitations of microlearning, and make an informed decision for successful implementation.

Microlearning Characteristics Covered in the Worksheet

  • Is it only video?
  • Is it the same as performance support?
  • Is it a single dose solution?
  • Does it work for complex topics?
  • Is it suitable for different stages of the learning lifecycle?
  • Is it designed to help learners achieve one learning objective at a time?
  • And more…



Want to get started with microlearning?

Wondering if it's genuinely effective in reducing cognitive load or simply a trendy technique to chunk content?

Unlike traditional courses, microlearning offers concise, focused modules that can be completed within minutes.

So, if you are trying to get started with microlearning we’ve got your back and created this worksheet to guide you through the journey!

Get your stakeholders onboard; solve this worksheet together, share insights, and demonstrate how microlearning can supercharge your organization's learning initiatives.

What's In the Worksheet?