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Maximizing Impact in the Virtual Classroom

This 60-minute eLearning course on maximizing impact in the virtual classroom shares concepts, principles, and best practices for designing and delivering effective instruction in a virtual classroom.

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Effectively Managing Your Virtual Team

Learn how you can manage your virtual teams effectively. This eLearning shares four golden Cs to do that – Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, and Coach. Explore tips, techniques, and tools to ace managing virtual teams.

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Goal Setting and Effective Performance Management

Goals help measure progress and to achieve business results. This course highlights how goals aid the performance management process, and the steps involved in performance management.

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Effective Business Communication

There are many aspects to business communication that help in successfully communicating with superiors, colleagues, and external stakeholders. This course provides an overview of these different aspects of business communication.

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Information Systems and Security Awareness

Information security breaches and their consequences can’t be ignored by organizations. This course will help employees understand their role in protecting the company’s information systems.

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Train the Trainer

Whether you are a new trainer looking to build your presentation skills or a veteran looking to polish your skills, this train the trainer course will help you do so in 5 easy steps.

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Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

The Indian government has passed the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, to ensure safe working environments. This course will help employees identity and prevent behaviors that constitute sexual harassment.

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Site Security

Site security is about the dos and don’ts not just for truck drivers, contractors, and visitors but for all employees. This course highlights the general rules to be followed on site to protect personnel and property from damage.

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Lightning Safety

Lightning can not only damage property but also hurt or kill humans and animals. This course highlights the dos and don’ts to be followed when lightning strikes at work or other locations.