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L&D Manager’s Roadmap for Success in the Age of AI

August 22, 2024 | 11 AM EDT | 60 Mins

Become a Valuable L&D Partner

Learning and Development (L&D) managers face several challenges in today’s dynamic workplace. These include adapting to digital transformation, managing change, working within budget constraints, ensuring learner engagement, and measuring training impact. To overcome these challenges, L&D professionals must stay updated, communicate effectively, prioritize essential training areas, and leverage data analytics.

Do you want to equip yourself to get the best value for every training dollar you spend?

Join this interactive session with learning expert Shalini Merugu to discover how you can navigate the exciting, dynamic L&D landscape. Traverse the spectrum from setting the learning strategy to making smart investments, configuring learning journeys, celebrating success, and more.

In this webinar conducted by CommLab India, you will:

  • Learn about the 6 elements of a healthy learning ecosystem
  • Discover how AI is redefining the L&D landscape
  • Get an L&D Toolkit to start delivering value!

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Shalini Merugu

Director - Learning Solutions

Shalini is a versatile learning design professional with 18+ years of experience in instructional design (ILT, VILT, and eLearning). She is an expert in customer training, designing learning and user assistance solutions, and technical documentation.

She provides creative strategies for designing effective blended solutions. Her experience in designing eLearning solutions along with designing and delivering instructor-led training helps her leverage the strengths of each medium to consistently create impactful training solutions, ensuring that nothing is lost when converting from one format to another.

Shalini works closely with customers to understand their training requirements & learner demographics to suggest the best learning strategy for each requirement. Apart from improving the quality of learning solutions, she also conducts customer education workshops at customer sites globally and presents webinars on learning design. Shalini holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Hyderabad.