eLearning Design and the 'Right' Brain

Using Your Right Brain for Great Instructional Design

Designing for the ‘Right’ Brain

The world today is realizing the importance of the right brain – artistic, qualitative, emotional, and synthetic. Quite different from the left brain that’s logical, quantitative, linear, and rational. Organizations are looking for people who can quickly adapt to dynamic changes, find meaning, synthesize new patterns from unrelated pieces, and play a proactive role in coming up with products/services that emerge the winners.

To nurture and train employees who fit the bill, it is important to include training activities that allow them to exercise and hone their right-brain aptitudes. This eBook analyzes and interprets the six right brain aptitudes shared by Daniel H. Pink, in the book ‘A Whole New Mind’, in the context of organizational training. Get insights on the activities that can be used – both online and in the classroom.

The eBook explores learning activities that address the six right brain aptitudes:

  • Design: Visual elements, intuitive, learner-friendly GUI
  • Symphony: Assessments, mind maps, videos
  • Story: Scenarios, comic strips, case studies
  • Empathy: Open navigation, diagnostic feedback, personalized learning
  • Play: Game-based learning, gamification, simulations
  • Meaning: Learning objectives, ice breakers, ponder activities